Embrace a Stream Board Kickoff Guide

At your next board meeting, have a Embrace a Stream kickoff! Set aside 20-30 minutes to discuss your organization’s Embrace a Stream goals and how your board members can help you achieve them! Involving your board early on in the Embrace a Stream planning process can have a great impact on your overall success. You can use this Kickoff Guide to start building excitement and support from your engaged board.

1. Introduction of Embrace a Stream

You can pull all of this information from the Embrace a Stream FAQ page here before your kickoff!

  • What is it?
  • When is it?
  • Who is hosting it?
  • What communities does it serve?
  • Why is your organization participating?

2. Overview of Past Achievements

Have you participated in a Giving Day in the past? Take the time to reflect on your past experiences and remind your team of the lessons learned!

  • How much have you been able to raise?
  • How many donors have you engaged? Have you acquired new donors?
  • Did you obtain any matching funds? Sponsors?
  • Did you utilize any new tools or platforms?
  • What did you learn? How can you improve?

3. Specific Goals for Embrace a Stream {{dog-year}}

Before you jump into strategy, think about what you’d like your organization’s internal Embrace a Stream goals to be. Starting here will help your team focus on better goal specific strategies when preparing for Embrace a Stream!

  • How much do you hope to raise?
  • What projects, programs, or causes are you raising money for?
  • How many donors do you hope to reach? How many new? How many recurring?
  • How do you plan on communicating with your supporter base?
  • How much in sponsorship matching dollars, prizes, and challenge incentives does your organization hope to secure?
  • What are your top internal goals? What will be your top external goals?

4. How Your Board Members Can Help on Embrace a Stream

One of the most important aspects of your Embrace a Stream is making it clear to your board members why their support is important and how they can help your organization make a difference. There are so many ways in which your board can play a part in your organization’s success, and providing several clear calls to action will make it easier for your board members to actively participate and help you achieve your goals!

  • Serve on a Embrace a Stream specific committee
  • Board Sponsored Matching Dollars or Challenge Incentive
  • Leverage their connections in the community to solicit financial or social partnerships around Embrace a Stream
  • Serve as Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers and fundraise on behalf of your organization during Embrace a Stream
  • Enlist social ambassadors to help your organization expand their reach on social media by spreading the word to their networks
  • Act as donor stewardship liaisons to help thank your Embrace a Stream supporters and begin fostering relationships
  • Assist in hosting a special event for your organization and its supporters on Embrace a Stream

5. Next Steps and Communication Plans for Embrace a Stream

After you’ve kicked off Embrace a Stream with your board members, you’ll likely have lots of great ideas flowing. Don’t lose that momentum! Make sure your organization has a clear communication plan for how you’ll stay in touch with your board members as you prepare and plan for Embrace a Stream!

  • Send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter focused specifically on your Embrace a Stream planning. Share your goals, exciting announcements, and provide clear opportunities and action steps your board members should take to help you succeed.
  • Continue to include Embrace a Stream in your regular board meetings as you prepare for the event.